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Genevieve Buechner, Actress: The Final Cut. Born on November 10, at 2:30A.M., 1991 in Edmonton during a terrible snow storm, Genevieve Buechner was born to single parent mother Tea Buechner. She began to pester her mother about acting lessons when she was three. Her mother was very reluctant to encourage this interest. Still Genna persevered and finally her mother allowed her to take a small course in acting from the local theatre - ...

Edmonton, Alberta, Kanada
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70 Národ snílků
Národ snílků
65 Falešné přátelství
Falešné přátelství
54 Pouto mlčení
Pouto mlčení
35 Únos: 48 hodin v ohrožení
Únos: 48 hodin v ohrožení
59 Judas Kiss
Judas Kiss
21 Zmije útočí
Zmije útočí

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