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Democracy Beyond the Nation State?
Transnational Actors and Global Governance

  • What is the role of democratic values beyond the nation state?

  • How do transnational actors affect global governance?

  • Do we need to rethink legitimacy and accountability?

Transdemos is a six-year research program carried out jointly by researchers from the Departments of Political Science, at Lund and Stockholm University between 2008 and 2013. The program is funded by Riksbankens Jubileumsfond (The Bank of Sweden Tercentenary Foundation).

The program addresses three subthemes:

(1) the role of transnational actors in the democratization of international institutions,

(2) democracy and public-private partnerships in global governance, and,

(3) the democratic credentials of transnational actors.

The program involves an ambition to integrate normative democratic theory and empirical research. It includes the full spectrum of transnational actors and adopts a comparative perspective across issue-areas.

The program is working closely together with the Transaccess project at Stockholm University. Read more »

The main themes of the program are further outlined in a series of three book volumes published by Transdemos researchers in 2010. For more information, see the webpages of the publisher (book links below).